7,700 Terrorist Encounters

terrorists welcome

Leaked non-classified FBI documents list 7,712 terrorist encounters occurred from July 20, 2015 to July 20, 2016.  Where is the media?  Oh, that’s right, they are busy kissing Hillary’s butt and lying to the public.  Got guns?  We’re gonna need them.

FBI: 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA Last Year

3 comments on “7,700 Terrorist Encounters

  1. Where is the media? They are too busy pumping out Orwellian DOUBLESPEAK. You know the kind, calling looters and rioters “Protesters” in Charlotte and calling terrorist “freedom fighters” in Europe. Do not be fooled folks. Deputy is correct. GOT GUNS and TRAINING? Is the only question you need to be asking yourself right now.

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