It’s Just Furniture

Nothing to worry about, nothing to see here.  Just keep moving. 

Can anyone verify this story?  Snopes says it’s a fake, but then again Snopes is a fake fact-checking site.

BREAKING: CONEX Box labeled “Furniture” for Muslim Immigrants – PROVES there is an INVASION COMING! Lamestream MEDIA SILENT!!!



7 comments on “It’s Just Furniture

  1. Smitty says:

    This photo was taken in Greece here is a video of the seizure.

  2. Ros says:

    As a Brit and a (recent) former member of the UK Border Force, with many friends in the cities in mainland European countries where these incidents are supposed to be happening, I can confirm for certain that the recent reports in the American press that there are queues of refugees threatening EU borders, ongoing riots, burnings and towns and homes being overrun and taken over by Syrian refugees are untrue and blatant propaganda.

    Europe DOES have refugee problem and we HAVE had terrorist incidents, but Muslims HAVE NOT overrun Europe and the people of Europe HAVE NOT reacted by staging violent riots, burning and vandalising things or fighting in the steeets. There have been peaceful protests, not because the refugees are Muslim, but because the welfare resources of many European countries are already stretched and there have been isolated incidences of criminal damage and assuault, but Europe is not “AT WAR”.

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