Concealed Carry: 3 Things Women Can Teach Men

Learn from everyone!

Women and Guns

Great article by Wendy LaFever!  Men can learn from women!  Even when it comes to guns!

by Wendy LaFever – Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Concealed Carry: 3 Things Women Can Teach Men

While there are more female shooting mentors than ever before, it is still not uncommon for women to be introduced to the world of firearms and concealed carry by their male family members, friends and colleagues. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, as female participation in the shooting sports increases, so too will the phenomenon of women taking on the mentor role for the men in their lives. Even now, there are things that women can teach men that will improve the efficacy of their concealed-carry strategy…specifically, how to keep hidden what they want hidden. These are tried-and-true methods that many of us learned at our mothers’ knee. Here are the top three:

1.) Know Your 360
Every successful outfit starts with the proper underpinnings…and…

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Homemade Dehydrated Chicken Strips – Shelf Life Report — TheSurvivalPlaceBlog

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog Two years ago I happened to make a particular batch of dehydrated chicken strips. The other day while defrosting one of the chest freezers we discovered a jar from this particular batch. Being two years old, I thought it would be helpful to be the ‘guinea pig’ and […]

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Are You Baking Your Own Bread? It’s Easier Than You Think!

A great way to help break your dependency on the food system.



By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

Do you buy your bread at the store in those nasty, cellophane-bagged loaves? Oh my goodness, why?

It’s really, really bad for you. Check out all the reasons why, here.

Not only is it terribly unhealthy, once you’ve had delicious homemade bread on a regular basis, you’ll realize that it also tastes awful. I find the gummy consistency sticks in my throat and that the flavor is incredibly sweet and bland.

If you’re just getting started with homemade bread, do I have a book for you.


Never Buy Bread Again – 20+ Homemade Bread Recipes” is designed for the beginning baker and those who enjoy quick and easy homemade breads.

It’s also fun for those who remember recipes “like grandma used to make” and want to recapture that flavor in their own kitchen.

It was written by my friend, Laurie…

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This is How You Can Dodge Facial Recognition Software

None of their damned business to track a citizen.


 By Jeremiah Johnson –

Helen of Troy, according to the Odyssey, was “the face that launched a thousand ships,” prior to the Greek invasion of Troy.  You and I, on the other hand, are the faces that launch an army of CCTV cameras ready to capture our images when we walk past them.  ReadyNutrition Readers, we just covered winter camouflage tips and techniques.  Camouflage is an important part of your prepping, in terms of being able to effectively hide yourself and your supplies from prying eyes.

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One of the biggest problems that we encounter is not blending in with the terrain in a wilderness environment, however, but what we face in an urban and suburban environment.  As mentioned in previous articles, you have to camouflage in accordance with the environment…

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Survival Medicine: Taking Expired Prescription Drugs

Good info on prescriptions

The Tactical Hermit


What You Need to Know About Expired Prescription Drugs

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As a serious prepper, this subject is important to know about for two reasons: Anti-Biotics and Painkillers, two things you should have ample supply of if possible.

Here is a nifty article on Hoarding Antibiotics I found.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

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Herding The Sheep


Here are some articles showing the attempt to move the herd in the desired direction through fear.  And using children to make up our minds.  Are you smarter than a tenth grader?  Alex Jones is right when he says there is a battle on for your mind.

What in the World is Going On? Tenth Graders Are Being Asked To Persuade People to Get A Microchip