Obama ‘DREAMer’ Kills 12-Year-Old Girl…24 Americans are Killed by Illegal Aliens…EACH DAY…

Why are we accepting 25 deaths a day?

Trigger Reset

He is not the sort of illegal immigrant “DREAMer” that President Obama would recruit as a poster boy for his open-borders agenda. Fernando Lopez Aguilar, after all, was not a high school valedictorian or college-bound scholarship recipient like the handful of such students that the media love to do feel-good stories about. Lopez Aguilar was a loser: a scruffy 18-year-old who had entered the country illegally from Mexico at age seven, and who’d had previous run-ins with the police. And earlier this month, he was taken into custody for causing a horrific three-vehicle crash in Des Moines – a tragedy that has received much media coverage in Iowa and that has provoked the outrage of a U.S. Senator.

Lopez Aguilar was driving a car on September 8 that he knew had faulty brakes. Speeding past a stop sign that afternoon, he slammed into a pick-up — sending it airborne and careening into an SUV. The crash fatally…

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