Will You Turn Them In?





2 comments on “Will You Turn Them In?

  1. Smitty says:

    We do not live in the WWI or WWII mentality any longer. The world is smaller and more connected than ever. If the government started behaving like the author states a general uprising would occur. Those who say a small unorganized force can’t topple a government are ignorant of history. I have worked around the world for 20+ years and witnessed a number of insurrections. A large army has a very difficult time suppressing insurrection when it is widespread. Our landmass alone will be a massive impediment to federal forces. The lonely sniper or small band of hit and run specialist will quickly sap the moral from the troops. Continual counter propaganda spread by the insurgents will win over many citizens in the face of the necessary atrocities the federal war machine will perform. Once the insurgency has a foothold the federal troops will retreat into forward operating bases and isolate themselves from the general population. This will signify the beginning of the end.

    The government has taken the ominous first step in managing a general uprising by placing into law the ability of the government to propagandize its own citizens.


    This step tells me they are serious and will at some point attempt to perform some of the things the author covers. This law will allow a hyper kangaroo court system to be established. When the government gives itself under the color of law the ability to falsify information many innocent Americans will suffer. Some day in the near future we all will be faced with a decision point that will change our lives forever. The left has embraced the marxist dogma and the end is always the same with Marxism. Like Mao said “War is the continuation of politics.” “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” and they will at some point turn the guns on us. Be prepared when the time comes and support your local community and build support for your belief system. May God see us through the coming tribulations.

    More quotes fro Mao can be found here.


    Marxist are truly monsters.

    • It will just take a few people willing to sacrifice. Many are not going to do so, and the government will use food and water to turn the sheep against Constitutional patriots. I agree with you that an insurgency can defeat an unwieldy, bloated bureaucracy, but there will be a lot of ugliness. Things will get nasty at the personal/local/neighborhood level due to those who will refuse to sacrifice, and will actively work against those who are willing to invest their lives in resistance. Thanks for the links.

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