Are You Prepared


Are you prepared for Hillary to lose the election?  NBP, BLM, and other radical progressive terrorist groups have promised us riots and violence if their horse(‘s ass) doesn’t win the race.  While Trump has massive popular support, globalist powers like Soros could easily falsify the election or the electoral college could stab voters in the back.  I am not a big fan of Trump, but I am certain that Hillary is an enemy of the US Constitution, which makes her my sworn enemy.  If one were to react reasonably to life-threatening actions such as riots & violence by eliminating the threat, the corrupt system will blame those defending their lives and property as the problem, ignoring the criminals that are the actual cause of it all.  This creates the perfect justification for the criminally corrupt government to declare martial law and wage war against the peaceful citizens who are only defending themselves.  Sound about right?  Suspension of the election results and Constitutional rights of citizens, declaring O dictator, or possibly after assassinating Trump and Pence, declaring Hildebeast the new pResident.

You are pretty much out of time to prepare for this lack of civility, but here are some tips on surviving the coming hunger games:

14 Days to Do 14 Things, If Hillary’s Indicted-Extreme Violence Expected



3 comments on “Are You Prepared

  1. I am thankful to GOD we live in the hills of North Georgia. NOT an urban area, NOT a “liberal” enclave…Thanks to the dim-o-crats and their muslim and BLM allies, EVERYONE has to be on constant alert at a mall, on a trip to any city, at a Christmas parade, etc. Stay alert and ready, sir…and GODspeed…

    • Living outside urban centers is a real blessing. Unfortunately, one I do not have. The cities will fall right into the Agenda 21 scenario and there will be little chance of escape for those trapped inside. Suburbia will likely become a real battleground as many make a run for the woods, though many will not make it. May we all repent and look to the source of our real salvation and receive the blessings He has prepared in advance for us. Work/prep like it’s all up to us and pray like it’s all up to God.

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