What Makes You Nervous?


5 comments on “What Makes You Nervous?

  1. marblenecltr says:

    I haven’t thought this through, just an idea, would not having a stranger or anyone else not having a gun on their hip in a country being flooded by people here to overpower us arriving in great number make one nervous?

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  4. Smitty says:

    I have carried a weapon for over 20 years and there are times when some people give me a strange look. I carry a 40 S&W so it tends to show a gun bump on my hip. When I want to be unseen I carry a 380 auto. I can generally spot a CCW easily and am comforted when they are around.

    • I like to carry as much pistol as I can. While right now my normal off-duty is a Glock 19, I really like to have a .45 on my hip, but don’t own a compact one for concealment. I’m a big enough guy I have no trouble carrying a concealed 1911, or my SIG P220, but the bulk of my Glock 21 pushes the envelope for full concealment. That’s the gun pictured on my blog masthead. I recently tried out the G-19 in an appendix carry and while I found it less comfortable, it never printed or showed a bulge.

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