“We are losing control of the streets.”

This is the perfect excuse to declare martial law.  Have you ever wondered why the current administration supports civil unrest and seems to promote the possibility of a race war?  It is vitally important to pay attention to what is happening in Europe because they will attempt the same thing here.





2 comments on ““We are losing control of the streets.”

  1. Smitty says:

    The police will have a massive cadre of patriots who will protect the protectors when the streets in the USA become unmanageable. All of my friends are pro police and only fear the federalization of local departments. The Marxist top priority is to intimidate local police enough with fear tactics (BLM) to get them to accept federal control.

    • Yes, I greatly fear federal meddling with police. Since sheriffs are elected officials and are more accountable locally, they are less susceptible to federal takeover. I do worry about city and state police. And the civil war between them and the sheriff’s deputies that may come from federal takeover. We keep our mouths shut within the department, but I am assured that much of the command staff, not to mention the line deputies, are solidly with the citizens in opposing un-Constitutional ‘law’ or martial law. Lots of cops have been gathering ammo and firearms for a long time. Some of us even have spare body armor to lend to patriots. As a Christian prepper, I prep not only for myself but for those that God brings to me to share His blessings with.

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