Nothing Good Will Come Of This

This will be the federal feral police at their finest. 



2 comments on “Nothing Good Will Come Of This

  1. Andrew says:

    Many states have LAWS, real LAWS, that state that potential cops can’t be cops, with arrest authority and guns and stuff, with felony and drug convictions or drug use within certain time limits.

    This is one of the main reasons that many blacks can’t become cops.

    • Yes, Andrew, you are absolutely correct. My concern is that in the instance of a federal takeover of local law enforcement, those laws would be suspended. The FedGov acts above the law all the time and ignores the laws of the states. Just take a look at their abuse of the interstate commerce clause to bully state govs and force their will on the nation. This treasonous activity could easily produce a civil war among LEO’s, many of which are unfortunately addicted to power and are not interested in protecting the rights of the people as they have sworn to do. The examples of LEO abuse of power are way too easy to find.

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