Snowflakes Having Hissy Fits..

OPSEC! Situational Awareness! Never underestimate the stupidity or possible violence of large groups of people.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Poor little snowflakes, aka Liberals are having tantrums…Because they did not get their way..

So lets lay on the floor and scream, kick and such…Much like 2 year olds.

Making threats…Much like children…

Don’t remember this happening when Buck Ofama was elected… twice.

But then most Conservatives were to busy working and raising their kids properly…

Thousands of people coast-to-coast took to the streets Wednesday night to protest Donald Trump’s election, disrupting traffic, chanting anti-Trump slogans and some ending up in handcuffs.

Source: Thousands take to streets in major cities to protest Trump election | Fox News

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