Wave of Crime Committed By Illegal Aliens in US Continues

More people now recognize this problem, which is why the election turned out as it did.

Give Me Liberty

H/T Dennis Micheal Lynch.

Once again Donald Trump has been proven correct.

They’re rapists, they’re drug dealers, they’re killers, and auto thieves.   Below is just a sample of crimes committed by illegal immigrants that have been in the news within the past few days… including one who has been deported 25 times.

DAYTON, OH – A 29-year-old man from Congo, John Paul Mpawurna, was tried this week and found guilty for the 2013 rape of a 90-year-old woman as she was walking with a cane on a bike trail in Daytona, reported WHIO News.   illegal-crime-oh-congo-man1-300x173

Mpawurna, who was 26 at the time, and does not even speak English, reportedly attacked the elderly woman, dragging her from the bike path to a nearby commercial building, where he shoved her to the ground and raped her.  She was finally able to walk home and call for help.   DNA evidence eventually…

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