10 Problems That Kill Your Rural Survival

Rural or off-grid living is a way of life, not a magic pill you take when SHTF. Great article with important points. Start practicing a new life now when mistakes are not likely to be fatal.


Rural Survival

By Carmela Tyrell – SurvivoPedia

If you are a rural town dweller, or live on a farm or off-grid, you already have an expanded set of survival skills. Your isolation along with these skills are the keys to your survival, but you still must expect the unexpected.

Here are ten problems that you may not even give much thought but they still can cause a lot of troubles in turbulent times.

1. Lack of Key Supplements for Livestock

Modern farming methods can feed their livestock any number of things that might have been out of the question in the past. For example, today, many farmers think that it is safe to feed alfalfa to cattle because they also include a supplement in the feed.

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