The Enemy At Home

Over 10 years ago the FBI publicly identified over 250 Muslim compounds in the US, most of them considered terrorist training grounds.  Why don’t we raid them?  Well, we have this pesky thing called the 4th Amendment which requires a warrant issued upon probable cause before any search or seizure of personal property.  I have no desire to give up that protection. 

So, what do we do to preserve the Constitution and still keep the citizens safe?  Well, we count on our LE (Local, County, State,  Federal) to keep a close watch on these raghead terrorist bastards.  But what about the fact that most local LE departments are already strapped for funds and short on manpower?  Well, sheepdog, time to educate yourself in the arts of surveillance and situation awareness.  Of course, a good sheepdog already has some of these skills, so we just need to hone them to a razor’s edge. 

A few years ago a Socialist shill coined the phrase ‘If you see something, say something’ which was intended to be used by useful idiots against the sheepdogs and to herd the sheepish citizenry further toward a Marxist state.  But just because this idea came out of a police state mentality doesn’t mean it cannot be appropriated for use by loyal citizens of the Republic.  Used properly, with reporting based on training and experience, this is a good concept. 

So, calling all sheepdogs!  Now is the time to sharpen your observational skills and increase your knowledge so you can spot the bad guys (and girls).  Know what to look for and what it means.  Know your gang graffiti.  Know Islamic signs and symbols of jihad and how to recognize someone who is surveilling  (casing) an area.  Keep your eyes and ears open and keep our country safe.

This is an excellent book to start with: ‘Left of Bang’

Here is one I intend to read as soon as I can:

And while this one is geared toward protection for the individual it could have some tips for spotting surveillance being conducted by others.

Sheepdog, it’s up to you. 




8 comments on “The Enemy At Home

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    First Rule of investigations: Follow the Money.
    Politicians are bribed. Numerous complaints of the jihad camp people threatening local residents. Complaints of some, indicate full-auto gunfire. But nothing is done to shutdown the jihad camps. Money. Plain and simple. If anyone has a jihad camp in their state, the governor is bought. The camps are not patriots. Those people do not desire the safety and wellbeing of the nation.

  2. tonytran2015 says:

    USA must redefine what is a religion, what religious thinking is acceptable to Americans. Half-religious, half-tribal is outside the simple thinking of people.

  3. tonytran2015 says:

    USA must redefine what is a religion, what is a religious thinking acceptable to USA. Half religion-half tribal customs is the recipe for trouble.

    • It has often been said that Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology. I would have to agree with that. It is important that we allow a fair amount of leeway in the practice of religion to assure the protection of personal rights under our First Amendment. But we must never allow people to use that leeway to attack the society that the Republic has created and protects.

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