Mirror for making fire using sunlight.

Always learn new tricks.

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia)

20160105_143215C20160105_143210CFigures: Reverse sequences of lighting a cigarette by the system at 5 seconds and 1 second.

This post shows how to set up a mirror and use it for quickly starting fire using moderate sunlight or for heating tiny dark components very cleanly using strong sunlight. The aim is to set up a low cost, robust, reliable system from common household items. The system serves as a useful fire lighting device composed of only two useful common devices (a mirror and a magnifying glass) in any prolonged emergency such as after a disaster.

The tiltable mirror allows alignment of its axis towards the Sun and its flat mirror combines with the magnifying glass to produce a tiny image of the Sun with all energy going through the magnifying glass converging on that tiny image.

The radiative heat flux from the Sun is concentrated by a factor C…

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  1. tonytran2015 says:

    Thank you, disturbeddeputy, for re-blogging.

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