The War On Christianity

While outlawing Christianity itself would meet with some serious resistance, those that oppose it are able to chip away at its fundamental principles.  In this case, feeding and sheltering the homeless and hungry.  (Of course, you don’t have to be a believer to be compassionate and caring.)  Most of the laws of this kind that I’ve seen are based on ‘protecting’ people from the possibility of food poisoning and the like by demanding that low-budget charities match the federal requirements for commercial food service.  OK, let the hungry forage for half-eaten meals in the dumpsters behind fast food restaurants and compete with rats and maggots for a meal, because that is so much kinder and gentler and safer than letting people express the love in their hearts by giving what they have to those that have nothing.  And maybe we can build some more bridges they can sleep under.  Isn’t it nice that big government liberalism protects us so well?


This nonsense makes me sick.


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