A Difficult Issue

islams-plan above the law

Should there be a religious test for political office holders?  My first reaction is a resounding ‘NO!’  But then I consider the problems that a Muslim has in pledging allegiance to anything other than Islam.  One might ask why that is a problem.  Well, Duh!  If you cannot adhere to the rule of law in our Constitutional Republic, you are an enemy to our way of life.  Read this article about how Islamic politicians are affecting Germany and tell me we are not at risk.


When one considers that Islam’s openly stated intent is to destroy the US, maybe this is not so difficult a question.  But a part of my heart sees a slippery slope  we do not want to embark on if we institute a religious requirement/restriction to hold public office.

2 comments on “A Difficult Issue

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  2. Elias Lawson says:

    Religion should have no place in politics.

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