7 comments on “The Religion Of Rape

  1. fuzzysdad01 says:

    We are at war with Islam like it or not and if we are not careful they will win

    • Well said, dad. So many people refuse to believe in the existence of evil, and discount all of the horrors of Islam as coming from radicalized splinter groups. But they also refuse to read and to educate themselves. As an LEO, I am sworn to protect all people, including non-citizens and morons. I find it disturbing that I should be expected to expend my life for these asshats to the detriment of my family. But that is part of the oath and I will uphold it to the death. Bummer.

  2. […] Source: The Religion Of Rape […]

  3. tonytran2015 says:

    It is time for Germans to stand up for Germany, British for Britain, etc… Imposed immigration has to end.

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