Gender Camouflage Can Be Good

In a WROL society, women often become property and targets of the goblins.  Not being a sexist, just looking at history, ancient and modern.  Prepare to survive the absence of civility that is likely coming our way. 

Knowledge is power.  Get knowledge so you have the power to save your life.  And guys, in a WROL scenario, you may be targeted for elimination by the bad guys simply for being in the presence of a female since you would stand in the way of the goblins getting what they want.  Camouflaging or just plain hiding is always a good tactic.  Avoidance of a threat is superior to tackling that threat head on.  Only initiate fights you can’t lose, and remember, there are not too many of those around.

Remember to believe all evil of bad men; it is the only safety a good man can count on, to paraphrase Edmond Burke.  Never say ‘Oh, they wouldn’t do something that evil’ just because YOU wouldn’t.  You are the good guy (we hope) and just because you would never do something bad doesn’t mean a bad guy wouldn’t do it, or do a lot worse.

So don’t attract attention:  be the Gray Man even if you are a lady.



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