Why Do “Progressives” Oppose Self-Defense?


My first guess would be that self-defense is a human right given by God, and Progressives are God-hating atheists.  Here’s JPFO’s take on it:




6 comments on “Why Do “Progressives” Oppose Self-Defense?

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  3. […] via Why Do “Progressives” Oppose Self-Defense? — disturbeddeputy […]

  4. Brittius says:

    On the streets, we called it, “Jewish Mama Syndrome”.
    “A person could get hurt doing that.”
    Gideon, of the Holy Bible, had other thoughts: “Be Bold”.

    • Gideon was right. Fortune favors the bold. And since he was in God’s will, he was unstoppable.

      • Brittius says:

        Absolutely correct. He also recognized by the water, the sucklers and the lappers, who looked around, with their head on the swivel, while clearing the water surface with their hand, and scooping water, bringing it to their mouth, while the sucklers put their lips to the water and could be slaughtered while doing that if an enemy was around.
        The Holy Bible, always teaches something new, if a person reads something then goes back, and another meaning or teaching, leaps up, to instruct them.

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