Liberal-Backing ACLU Sues Small Town into Submission Over Cross on top of Christmas Tree

The Deputy doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but he supports those that do.

Christian Patriots

Initially, theWar on Christmasseemed like an inside joke at best and a huge scam at worst. Over the years, though, there has been more and more evidence piling up that proves that the Regressive Left really is going to great lengths in order to pressure people to stop saying, “Merry Christmas.” Before you roll your eyes too hard, consider what recently happened in Knightstown, Indiana.

The leftists went far out of their way to try and ruin the most wonderful time of the year for the town’s residents for no other reason than to try and destroy the enjoyability of Christmas.

Rachel Stoltzfoos ofThe Daily Callerreports, “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit on behalf of a town resident alleging the placement of the lit up cross on top of the town Christmas tree is an unconstitutional violation of church and state, a local…

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