Surviving ObamaCare’s Crippling Costs: “Become Your Own Primary Healthcare Provider”

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Are you prepared to survive… the age of socialized medicine? Health care coverage shouldn’t be life threatening, but…

Unfortunately, the skyrocketing cost of health care coverage underObamacare is forcing millions of middle class families to do without coverage, while being forced to pay the tax penalty. To do anything else is simply unaffordable.

This is a nightmare, and incredibly unfair to American families – and yet, it is now the state of the nation. This is the crushing status quo.

Prepare for the dark times ahead – and empower yourself to keep you and yours healthy and thriving. This is something your doctor, your E.R. and your government can’t and won’t do for you.

As time goes on, health care will continue to deteriorate, yet become increasingly more expensive, less available, and with more red tape than ever. This is just not a tenable situation.

If inadequate hospital…

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One comment on “Surviving ObamaCare’s Crippling Costs: “Become Your Own Primary Healthcare Provider”

  1. tonytran2015 says:

    All of us should read this type of article.

    Obamacare system is of good intention, however there are a number of problems in practice:
    1. The parasite medical providers who practice over-service to boost their income. In Australia (where Obamacare got its inspiration) the following has happened:
    1a. There was a doctor who provided waiting room with snooker/billiard tables, chandelier light, live musicians to attract “patients” whom he saw in less than 2 minutes each and he charged the Australian Medicare a standard consultation fee for each. He then went on to own his own helicopter and a football league! He has been sent to jail and he is now released but not allowed to work in medicine anymore.
    1b. It is very common in Australia to see over-servicing (low skilled) doctors telling patients “See you tomorrow” of “Make a standard appointment to discover your yes/no result of your pathological test”.
    2. The permanent welfare receivers who try their best to spend the money of someone else. It is ingrained in their mentality:
    2a. They turn up at medical practice everyday just to make sure that there is nothing wrong happened to them in the last 24 hours.
    2b. They require almost any authorized medical procedures applied to them, no matter how irrelevant they are, and the greedy doctors are only too willing to agree!

    It took the Australian Medicare system more than 20 years to reduce such outrageous abuse/milking and I hope that Obama care can learn from the Australian experience.

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