Political Revolution Is Brewing in Europe

John Kennedy said something like: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

The way I see things ...

We will have to de-islamize our societies. Indeed, every single measure we take to achieve this goal, from ending all immigration from Islamic countries, to preventive detention of radical Muslims, to the promotion of voluntary remigration, to the denaturalization and expelling of criminals with dual nationality, will be a step towards a safer society for ourselves and our children. But it all begins with politicians with the courage to face and speak the truth.More and more citizens are aware of that.

This is why a political revolution is brewing in Europe. Patriotic parties are rapidly growing everywhere. They are Europe’s only hope for a better future.We have to drive politicians, such as Angela Merkel, my own weak Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and their like minded colleagues in other countries, from power. We must liberate our countries.And believe me, my friends, that is exactly what we are going to do…

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2 comments on “Political Revolution Is Brewing in Europe

  1. Notwende says:

    I agree.
    One exception though:
    “Patriotic parties are rapidly growing everywhere. They are Europe’s only hope for a better future.”
    They’re Europe’s only hope for survival.
    A merry Christmas to you and all your family, friends and neighbors!

  2. Smitty says:

    The EU wants to make an EU army to protect their Marxist gains. There will be civil war in Europe.

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