Is This Good Or Bad?


We are fortunate to live in a country founded on the rule of law, and we have the most incredible Constitutionally-based Republic the world has ever seen.  But where there is no law enforcement and no law to be enforced, it is normal for vigilante ‘justice’ to be dispensed by the citizenry.  And so, while I have no desire to live in a WROL society, I cannot condemn the Venezuelans for taking care of business by themselves.  This example of a failure of civility from the (inevitable) collapse of a Socialist government needs to be remembered and taken as a lesson of what is not only possible, but likely in a post-civilized world.

And of course, it does clean up the gene pool.


2 comments on “Is This Good Or Bad?

  1. Smitty says:

    This is only the beginning. The radical Muslims are busy in south and central america setting up basses and raising money for attacks.

    I pray our military has this on their radar

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