Looks Like A Target-Rich Environment


Just sayin’.  After the story of the ISIS general bringing in his 400 man brigade dressed as ‘refugees’ this does not surprise me.  It’s an invasion, not emigration.



11 comments on “Looks Like A Target-Rich Environment

  1. Notwende says:

    I am sure there are many people thinking like you.
    Think it though. If this would be done by an authority, say the Spanish police or one of their military units it would happen one or two times again, at the most. After this it would stop for sure.
    Like those “refugee”-boats in the Mediterranean. If a naval unit would shoot one or two real big holes into one of these boats after they didn’t follow the order to turn around it would end within two days.
    What is a navy good for if it doesn’t defend the citizens of the country that was sending it out?
    What a terrible message we are sending to the black and to the muslim world was clear when there was this incident in international waters just out of Italy a couple of years ago:
    An Italian fregate tried to stop one of these boats from entering Italian waters.
    The blacks on the boat began shouting and cussing and the ladies took their toddlers and held them out over the reling, threatening to throw them in the sea if they would be stopped.
    A clear message would have been in order here:
    “You will turn around right now or we’ll open up fire. If only one of you drops a child we will sink this vessel and no survivors will be taken on board. Your decision!”
    Instead, they let them enter Italian waters…

    • I remember thinking this same thing as i read ‘Camp of the Saints.’

      • Notwende says:

        Yes, I’d call that a key novel.
        I admired that old man cherishing the old furniture, paintings, the contents of the wooden chest (neatly folded cloth so many years ago) and the wine he’s drinking and the food he’s enjoying – always aware of his ancestors, his tradition and culture.
        And then this young men comes to his house.
        His reaction was the only reasonable thing to do.
        We’re in almost the same situation, yet worse. A lot more migrants came but not all of a sudden.
        Nah, let me take this back.
        Since 2015 this statement isn’t true anymore. Approximately two millions came, day and night.
        So, if anyone wonders how we would react in such a situation – just look for yourself!
        We don’t do what needs to be done.
        We’ll rather die, being trampled upon, raped and stabbed to death than being called a xenophobe, a racist or – heaven forbid! – a Nazi.
        I am sure you’ve read Alexander Solshenizyn’s “Archipelago Gulag”.
        Within that book Solshenizyn raises the question if the russians deserved their fate under Stalin (he asked “did we deserve it?”).
        He then describes the nightly sweeps of the NKVD, the secret police, and how they drove up to the blocks with the “raven”, a black prison van. They left the driver alone, engine idling and stormed apartments, kicking in doors rounding up their unlucky inhabitants and dragging them to the van. And while this was happening, Solshenizyn writes, their neighbors cowered behind their doors, shivering and praying that it won’t be them they’d come to arrest.
        Solshenizyn points out that there where a lot more able bodied men in each block who could have easily overwhelmed the goons using anything they could grab: knives, scissors, broken chairs, hammers…
        Instead they all kept quiet. They all complied. They didn’t even sabotage the van by puncturing its tires.
        And then he reaches the conclusion that they deserved what was coming to them – because of their cowardice and unwillingness to spring to action they deserved it.
        Do we deserve what is coming?
        I am having nightmares.

      • I am afraid that few people have read the Gulag books or ‘Camp of the Saints.’ Most people just won’t work that hard to expand their minds, and those books can be long and tedious to read (but many good books require effort). Our modern technological society has made us lazy and stupid. I can’t imagine a day without reading, and I tried to teach my kids to love reading. Right now I am working on a couple of books to learn more about detecting and avoiding surveillance, and a thriller novel and a Charles Dickens to relax my mind when not actively studying. When I finish those I’ll probably go back to studying medical first aid and injury treatment (a hobby of mine).

      • Notwende says:

        Detecting & avoiding surveillance,huh?
        Years ago there was one huge website dedicated to exactly this theme. I guess it’s been closed now. Fortunately I saved a copy of it with HTTrack. Well, most of it. Very interesting. Observation like “the box” and tricks of the trade like headlights one could selectively turn off so if you follow another car your car will look different at night. Stuff like that. I guess they themselves were inside that trade.
        Talking about being too lazy to read or not having the time for it (which is stupid because if that person has a TV at home he’s got time enough) – let me suggest to you suggesting to others “reading” audio books.
        I certainly do that while working. Not all the time but always when work becomes a little less challenging “I plug myself in” as I call it.
        Listening to audio books evokes the same pictures than actively reading the book.

      • Great idea! And stimulating the mind is the goal. I am sometimes asked what television service I use and get odd looks when I tell them ‘none.’ I do like to watch some television, but try to be very selective about it.

      • Notwende says:

        Lol, about seventeen years ago I was sort of brutal but it paid off:
        I watched my oldest son (he was just one year old then) watching this BS “Teletubbies”. I turned the TV on and this lively kid was turned off, jaws sagging like an idiot. Terrible.
        Two days later when my wife and I were fighting over what to watch on TV I went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and cut the power cable of the TV.
        Since then we don’t watch TV in our household anymore 😄!
        We’ve got four kids – so there’s a lot of shouting, giggling, playing learning and running around anyway. We all do better without. And whenever there’s the need of watching a movie, we’ll use the big computer monitor in the living room and pick something from Amazon video.

      • When the kids were young we severely restricted their tv watching, and now that all are young adults and have moved out, they maintain those habits. Most of our visual entertainment comes from DVD’s, and there are some classics that we regularly watch together at certain times of year. As we taught the kids (home school) we read to them constantly, and they all loved it and started reading on their own. Yes, reading the entire ‘Lord of the Rings’ series of books was quite a project, but the kids loved it. I’m glad we read so many books together as a family and did not shy away from the ‘big’ books.
        Our Christmas vacation was spent at Grandmother’s house, cooking together and then playing games. Everybody got to be involved and it was a real blessing.

      • Notwende says:

        You inspire me, you really do!
        Your vacation must have been a great time spent together! This really strengthens family ties.
        Since you are seemingly the same nutcase when it comes to JRR Tolkien as we are let me suggest reading “The Silmarillion”. This is actually the foundation of the world LOTR and “The Hobbit” is taking place.
        It’s not an easy read and the book seems pretty big but it’s really worth it. Give it a try – you won’t regret spending your time with it.
        I also enjoyed “The Earthsea Trilogy” written by Ursula K. Le Guin. Real good Fantasy. There should be an edition containing all three parts in one book.
        You know I don’t think most of those evil things happening today will go away as long as there’s a TV set in every household. We’re what Aldous Huxley called “happy slaves”. The target never realizes it is being conditioned if the brainwashing is being done constantly.
        I don’t know if you have the same expression for what we call “salami tactics”. You’re being fed a salami. You wouldn’t eat the whole thing but since you’re being fed the salami slice by slice you’ll eat that thing without noticing how far you went.
        About five years ago I came to visit my mother since I haven’t seen her for a long time. As I told you before we don’t watch TV. When I came to see her she had the TV turned on.
        She wanted to watch the news together with me.
        I realized that that guy on screen was acting. Whenever he was talking about a right wing party he grimaced like he tasted something foul. And all the other stuff they were reporting on!
        WHAM! I got whacked with the whole salami! 😖
        Mother didn’t realize anything since she got fed a slice a day.

      • Thank you for the very kind comment. I read ‘The Silmarillion’ as a teenager, so I should probably read it again. Haven’t read any Le Guin for years so I will try to check that out.

        I was not familiar with the salami analogy. The one I’ve heard is that is the closest is about ‘frogs in a pot.’ If you continue to raise the temperature slowly, they don’t realize they are being cooked and won’t jump out. But a frog put into hot water will struggle to get out. Our society is being cooked and refuses to realize the danger.

        Yes, the ‘talking heads’ on the news are most definitely following a script. And you brought up another book that people need to read: Huxley’s ‘Brave New World.’ My mother is aware of the brainwashing, but my father and step-mother are not. Good people, but victims of Marxist propaganda.

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