Fish Mox, Anybody?

Another opinion of fish antibiotics.



3 comments on “Fish Mox, Anybody?

  1. Notwende says:

    It’s somewhat off-topic but it fits the description “using something safely for human consumption what’s officially intended for a different use”…
    Salt. Thawing salt for winter time to be put on the road.
    This is my own experience.
    I once worked as a temp worker for a saline company in Austria. They’re mining salt from the mountains and process it to different kinds of salt.
    While I was working there I realized that the thawing salt was running over the exact same processing line like the neatly packed table salt.
    I asked a manager about it.
    He told me that the thawing salt is exactly the same salt like the table salt – the only thing different is the missing additives like fluorides iodine and anti-aggluinates.
    So this extremely cheap thawing salt is actually even a lot healthier than Austrian table salt where the toxic Iodine must be added.

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