Late To The Party

I forgot to post this for Christmas.  Good old Tiger Valley.  I was reminded today when I saw a post on Facebook from a local gun range with a picture that reminded me of these commercials.  Enjoy!

Love the sound of the brass hitting the pavement, and then she checks her nails.  LOL!

That door was locked for his protection, not hers.



6 comments on “Late To The Party

  1. Notwende says:

    That rifle in the 2nd video seemed to have a pretty small caliber. Almost like a .22

    • You are right, but it was a 12 ga shotgun, the small hole you see is in the magazine cap below the barrel. Earlier in the video you see the shotgun with a red bow on it leaning against the wall. Mossberg 500’s have a threaded hole in the magazine cap that you can use to attach a sling swivel.

  2. Notwende says:

    Here’s my vid for Christmas.
    Still moves me deeply watching it.

    • Love Handel. Got to see a great performance of The Messiah in early December. My wife has sung in the chorus before, and she is a classical musician, so we see it when we can. My daughter bought tickets for us this year, $50 each. A wonderful present.

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