A Good Book


I had this on my reading list for a while, and it took over a month to get it from Amazon, adding to my wait.  The book is ‘Surveillance Detection, The Art of Prevention’ by Clark and Algaier.  It is not a ‘fun’ read, but it is fascinating.  Written by professionals in the field, it is simple enough for the soccer mom, and deep enough for the pros.  As an LEO, I think the principles presented would be invaluable to the woman with an order of protection, and to the average Joe who owns his own business (or manages one) and has to take the receipts to the bank on a regular basis.

Just how do you know when you are being watched?  What do you do to detect that surveillance?  And when detected, what do you do about it.  The book’s intent is to provide protection by teaching basic and advanced principles of avoiding the goblins.  And while the intent is not to teach surveillance techniques, the subjects are so intricately related that one cannot help but learn some handy things about being a watcher, not just watching the watchers.

It is important that we never stop learning in the areas of self-preservation and preparedness, and this is a very handy book for that purpose.  It includes scenarios from real life and templates for you to use to evaluate your daily risks, options based on those evaluations, and where to go for help.  If you like to read to enhance your skills, ‘Surveillance Detection’ is a worthwhile addition to your reference library.

2 comments on “A Good Book

  1. Brittius says:

    I knew a retired cop who swept bugs. It is very lucrative as a business, but demand is feast and famine.

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