Another One That Needs To Win

Social Media is the scourge of our nation, making brainless snowflakes think they are winning, when the most they deserve is a ‘participation award.’  No ability to put together a cogent thought, just spewing insanity and inanity throughout our country and into other low-information morons.  I hope this one succeeds.


Happy New Year 2017

Hey, folks, Steve is back!


It’s been an interesting year to say the least. For sure I am looking forward to a new year and a fresh start to my blog. Yes, I still like knives, have learned much more about them. Many changes are occurring in the knife industry. Some old knife companies are under new leadership. There are lots of new designs and always exciting collaborations in production folding knives. The World of Custom knives is growing with new names, new talent and it is just amazing.

Knife magazines have changed and will change more before its all over. We lost at least one knife magazine in the last year. In the new year I hope to blog about these magazines and their content.

Knife shows on TV like the Series, Forged in Fire, with a record breaking 3rd season are still going strong. The Cutlery Corner is still selling knives on TV…

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Late To The Party

I forgot to post this for Christmas.  Good old Tiger Valley.  I was reminded today when I saw a post on Facebook from a local gun range with a picture that reminded me of these commercials.  Enjoy!

Love the sound of the brass hitting the pavement, and then she checks her nails.  LOL!

That door was locked for his protection, not hers.