A Traitor In The Ranks?


With all the push-back Trump is experiencing, it does make sense that there are back-stabbers hanging on to do ill to him.  I can’t wait until the arrests and prosecutions start.  Oh, yeah, and the hangings.



3 comments on “A Traitor In The Ranks?

  1. Notwende says:

    Treason sometimes is being committed by the highest ranks. By a president for example who wants do divert media attention from a blowjob he’d received to a war he starts because of it.
    Or what about the burning alive of mostly American citizens on American soil in Waco, TX?
    This examples are not to belittle the treachery mentioned in your article – it’s just stressing the need of never slacking vigilance in order to preserve peace and justice.

    • You point to some excellent examples of treasonous corruption in the government. I wish it were not so, but there is evil everywhere. Unfortunately criminal behavior is not limited to the federal level and there are way too many examples of corruption and criminal abuse of authority in state, county, and local LE departments. When I started this blog I tried to address this corruption but found that I could not cover it all and that there were other sites that were doing a great job of exposing rotten cops. So this blog has morphed into something else, but I’m not even sure anymore what it is, other than a place for me to blow off steam, try to educate the public about LE, and promote preparedness and self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. I would have to say that the examples you cited are both treason to the US Constitution and false flag attacks made for political gain. We are all responsible to hold criminals accountable for their crimes, no matter who they are or what office they may hold.

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