Progressives Want A World WROL

I’m not sure what sort of role liberals want for ‘law enforcement,’ but I suspect they want a ‘police force’ that only enforces their rule over the ‘little people.’  I have been amazed at how many white progressives defend BLM and their stated goals of killing white people.  But then again, liberals heartily embrace Muslims that have been telling them for years that their desire is world domination and the murder of all non-Muslims.  Snake-kissing idiots!  If you have a den of poisonous snakes in your back yard and you let your kids out to play there, you should expect tragedy.  And it will be your own fault.  If you care about your loved ones or even your neighbors, you will get a partner with a shotgun for backup, take a gallon of gasoline, and burn out the den of snakes.  I hope the new president will appoint good judges so we can use our system of laws to put a stop to these abusers of the liberties of our great republic.  If not, we’ll have to be prepared to terminate them with extreme prejudice.


5 comments on “Progressives Want A World WROL

  1. Notwende says:

    What does WROL mean?

    • Without Rule Of Law. Basically it is anarchy, but it could also mean no rule of law for the ‘little people.’

      • Notwende says:

        Thank you for this explanation!
        Talking about abbreviations – like SHTF:
        I was recently thinking of what would or could happen if muslims over here in Europe was feel strong enough to start islamisation by brute force like they did in

      • Notwende says:

        Sorry I hit the wrong button.
        … like they did in Indonesia.
        I believe many liberal, leftists and the Antifa will join forces against their own people. White self-hatred is very common amongst these crippled souls. Actually it’s their main motivation for doing what they do.
        I was wondering an which side the police will be standing in such a scenario. Will they follow orders or will they acknowledge the distress of their people and act accordingly?
        I simply don’t know.

      • You might want to check out the ‘definitions’ post on my ‘about’ page. I try to keep it updated to help readers unfamiliar with my abbreviations better understand some of my posts.

        Yes, I am trying to watch the ‘immigration invasion’ closely both in Europe and the US. It is not good right now. Hoping Trump will help us regain our sovereignty, and that Merkel and others will be replaced with voices of reason.

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