3 comments on “They Don’t Want To Play Nice

  1. Notwende says:

    Nah, it’s not the muslims lobbying against free speech thus taking it away from us.
    Muslims – as disgusting they are – are perfect scapegoats for all western governments.
    First they import them in big numbers, then they ecourage them to demonstrate, riot and even perform acts of terror against the “kuffar” (every informed person nowadays knows how to make muslims go mad – nothing easier than that) so that the respective government can impose “anti terror laws” and regulations curtailing civil rights (because “the government cares about our safety”) on their populace
    – including the slow castration of free speech.
    It’s their century-old game of generating ptoblems for wich they’ll always present a solution.
    It’s like with the CDU – Merkel’s party. First they flooded Germany with illegal immigrants and now that elections are just around the corner they present themselves as the “security party” demanding the repatriation of criminal immigrants.
    It seems that politics can never ever become too brazen…

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