I do dearly love a good burger.  From the dinky little shop out in the boonies on the way to my mother’s farm that is only open 7 or 8 months a year, to the greasy double-death burger joint down the road, to the high-end steakhouse burgers.  Burgers and a good cold beer are 2 of the greatest gifts God ever gave to man.  Oh, yeah, last time I was in Montana with the family we all got buffalo (bison) burgers that were just incredible.  But a $5,000 burger?  I call BS!  Of course the article explains that it comes with a $5k bottle of wine.  In other words, buy the wine and the burger is free.

I’m no chef, but I do love to cook.  I watch cooking shows on TV and have picked up lots of great ideas and techniques to the delight of my family.  But I don’t like fancy foo-foo cooking.  When you are so concerned with ‘plating’ the food that the portions suffer, you’re not a chef, you’re a clown.  Note the funny hat.  The chef in this $5,000 travesty is one Hubert Keller.  I have seen portions of his show and he is a foo-foo chef.  You know, 3 peas, 1 slice of carrot with some foo-foo sauce dribbled over it in an exacting, artsy pattern, and 1/4 oz of steak to whet your appetite.  But nothing to satisfy.  When this clown comes on I immediately change the channel.

But here’s to a good burger and a brew with friends.  Make sure you indulge often.


And remember, if it is bison, keep it rare!


3 comments on “Mmmmmm……….Nah!

  1. Notwende says:

    Reminds me of an old joke.
    A little boy holding a Leberkäse roll in his hand is standing on the sidewalk, dearly crying.
    An elferly lady passing by stops and says “Hey how can a boy with such a nice Leberkäse roll cry?”
    “Can’t open my mouth enough to take a bite” sniffles the boy.
    How do you eat such a monstrous burger – it won’t fit in two hands, lol.
    Sure I know. A plate with fork ‘n knife will do the job 😊
    It’s just that a burger is to me a very convenient food since one can hold it in one or two hands, not needing a table, eating it while you’re outside somewhere, you know.
    Nevertheless these monsters look great!

    • I am a big fan of the burn flesh of dead animals. My wife could be a vegetarian, but not me. I often joke about how if we eat barbeque and drink beer we are following the Old Testament tradition of celebrating with a burnt offering and a drink offering. Hey, that means BBQ and beer is biblical, right?

      • Notwende says:

        I’m a convinced Heathen. If you check say the Edda – guess what the Gods and the mortals are always eating?
        Not only do I eat meat (preferably slightly carbonated by ample influx of heat generated by the coals of a campfire in its final stages (which includes medium to heavy Intoxication with mead and/or beer for all that gather around said fire), but I am also killing these grass and greenery munchers thus doing a favor to all vegetarians. Funny though they dislike my hunting activities.
        Maybe this is part of the non-graspable concept of female logic.
        I try my best soothing their feelings by stating that “I only shoot what I intend to eat” with the outcome that they consider me being some sort of Neandertal, which in fact I regard being a compliment.
        Professional hunters frown when hearing such a statement because it means that I leave the killing of foxes and other non-edible wildlife to them. Which I do 😄

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