Self-Defense: Teaching Aggression…

One of the toughest things for peace-loving people to develop is a mindset that will allow them to use martial skills in their own defense and the defense of others.

Trigger Reset

This is excellent training that you can do at home.

After practicing falls, this gentleman leads these young men through some drills (starting with their eyes closed) to teach aggression, and to short circuit their OODA loop.

Practice like this enough, and muscle memory kicks in. It also allows you to go from “observe” straight through to “act,” bypassing the “orient” and “decide” portions of the loop. This cuts out a few seconds of your processing of the situation, a few seconds that an attacker doesn’t get to beat on you…

He also moves the pad so that they have to open their eyes and look for a target, which is awesome…When someone is attacking you, or yours, they cease being a person and become a collection of TARGETS…

More on self-defense HERE…and HERE

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