The Citizen’s Right To Gun Ownership

I have sworn an oath to protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  And I am ashamed of those who have sworn the same oath and do not honor it.  But the citizens of the Republic must speak up to keep their rights.  Remember, use your First Amendment rights to protect your Second Amendment rights.  Educate liberals (if you can), agitate for continued exercise of rights, speak out against usurpation and denial of your rights.  Be the one that makes a difference.  Be the one.


3 comments on “The Citizen’s Right To Gun Ownership

  1. Notwende says:

    What about the State of New York? As far as I know people there don’t have that right.
    Also it seems that Californian legislation is slowly advancing that path, too.
    Over here in Europe gun laws differ a lot from one country to another.
    Compared to many other countries, Austria has still a somewhat liberal gun law which is slowly abolished by Eu-legislation.
    Until last year one had to be 18 years old and no gun restriction (this usually applies to DUI’s or people who prove that they can’t be trusted handling a firearm responsibly). You could go to the gun dealer and buy a bolt-action rifle after a cooling period of three days. It was registered to your name but the papers remained at the dealer and were shredded after seven years. You also could sell your rifle to anyone with no questions asked.
    Regarding pistols, revolvers and semiauto rifles one had to obtain a permit that usually had three slots meaning you could buy and own two semiautos and one pistol or the like. As soon as you had that permit, every third year cops showed up at your home to see if you store the rifles and/or pistols safely.
    Now every firearm is being registered centrally – even shotguns and air rifles.
    Also the EU is beginning to slowly phase out the possession of semiautos. They do it the Californian way by restricting the magazine capacities first.
    Citizens of Austria may not posess a weapon capable of firing full auto or rifles equal or above .50 BMG – these are classified “weapons of war” and are prohibited.
    Strangely this prohibition also apllies to pumpguns, but not to semiauto shotguns.

    • The video is in reference to a Constitutionally-protected right. Infringements upon that right are un-Constitutional and therefore such laws making infringements are null and void (Marbury vs Madison 1803). We do not have to obey un-Constitutional laws, nor does a LEO have to enforce them. Unfortunately, government (both federal and state) routinely violate their constitutions, mostly because the people do not assert their power over government.

      Your info on European gun laws are a great example of what we must fight against here in the US. Bastions of liberalism (Marxism/Socialism) have indoctrinated their citizens to go along with un-Constitutional laws, and so we get places like New York, California, etcetera.

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