Worth A Try


I don’t wish to be mean-spirited (or maybe it’s just the LEO gallows humor coming through) but this makes some sense to me.  It has long been postulated that we could remove a major portion of useless idiots from society by taking warning labels off everything.  Only the smart survive.  Considering that the fence would have to have plainly visible insulators on it and that it would have warning signs, I don’t think I’d have any sympathy for those stupid enough to get fried.  Think about who we are dealing with:  Morons that have to have signs posted to tell them not to crap in the shower at refugee centers.  And having to be told that rape is not acceptable in modern society.  Yup, no sympathy.  At all. 



2 comments on “Worth A Try

  1. fuzzysdad01 says:

    I agree remove all warning labels and cull the herd

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