Do We Really Need These Guys?


Looks like this swamp needs to be drained.  Put them in the unemployment line.  And send the TSA with them.  Oh, and don’t forget the Muslim-infested DHS!  We have seen the federal feral government go totally power mad and the alphabet agencies are their hired thugs.  When LEO’s are not held accountable for their actions, and this includes their department management, the rule of law suffers.  Our Republic cannot survive this kind of corruption.  Fake news, fake crimes, fake evidence.  It sticks in my mind that a recent CIA director said that their job would be accomplished when everything the public knew was wrong.  It sure looks like they are being successful.  Fake crimes and fake investigations pave the way for martial law and a dictatorship.  No matter who the president is and whether or not he is a ‘good guy,’ when the sheepdogs become wolves, the entire government structure needs to be replaced.

And so the question must be asked:  “Do we really need these guys?”  If you were a business owner (or a citizen of a republic) would you put up with your employees faking their work and lying about it?  Submitting false budget and business reports?  What about if your car mechanic was fixing one problem but sabotaging something else? 

Are you disturbed yet?


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