Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

From what the video shows, this is a real case where the subject was shot while his hands were up and he was surrendering.  And why was a shot fired at the vehicle in the first place?  Every cop in this country knows that you never fire a shot into a vehicle that has innocents inside when the occupants are not offering deadly force to you.  (that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen)  The previously released videos of the Finicum ‘incident’ (murder) was always pretty suspect, but it looks like the truth may be finally coming out.  Our out-of-control government cannot be trusted to respect citizens’ rights (much less protect them).  LEO’s MUST be held to a higher standard.  This is a basic teaching that is drilled into every cadet in the academy:  You will be held to a higher standard.  You must live your life above reproach.  If you commit a crime, particularly under the color of law, you will be prosecuted.  This is the only way that law enforcement can maintain their integrity and the respect of the public.  Every time an LEO steps out of bounds, our country’s basis of law and order suffers. 

Anyway, enough soapbox for now.  Read and watch:



2 comments on “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

  1. I posted on this also…we support Law Enforcement, but I have some issues with this entire episode. You may have seen this, but here is a great video we posted showing two views.

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