Trusting The Government?

trust gubmint

One of the lawyers that taught legal aspects and ethics in law enforcement back when I went through the academy absolutely despised the FBI.  He said that if they didn’t have anything on you, they would plant evidence.  Dope, child porn, false financial or internet records;  whatever they needed to lock you up or destroy your reputation and business. 

It is also interesting to note that this lawyer was teaching shortly after the time that the FBI had a major turn-around in hiring practices.  They (the fibbies) had previously been hiring a lot of agents without LE backgrounds, particularly computer guys and accountants, ostensibly to combat white collar crimes.  They found that these guys couldn’t perform typical LE tasks and decided to go back to hiring cops away from local and state agencies.  So I guess they are now outsourcing their cyber-crime/dirty tricks/black bag operations to others.


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