Another Top Democrat Defies Federal Law to Target Opponents

They may not pay now, but they will pay later. No one is above the law.

Give Me Liberty

This is from 

The DemocRats think that laws do not apply to them.

This is why we need Ted Cruz as president as he appoint judges that will follow the Constitution and enforce the law.

Several years ago, we all heard about the IRS scandal where they targeted Tea Party and other conservative groups as well as Christian organizations applying for non-profit status. I reported back in 2013 that I firmly believe that the orders to target these groups came directly from the White House:

“According to publicly released records, IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House more than any other member of Obama’s Cabinet.  In hearings before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, it was made known that 118 of Shulman’s 157 White House visits were made during the period that IRS agents were intentionally targeting tea party and conservatives.  In fact, he visited the White House…

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