Deep State War

Little big O just can’t give it up.  It is time for him to go bye-bye.  And take John McCain with him.  Here is another judge just begging to be hung for treason.

2 comments on “Deep State War

  1. Smitty says:

    Something to research. Remember Spain was the only nation in Europe proper to fall to the Moors in the first Muslim invasion of Europe.

    Here is an article by a leftist from Minneapolis basically saying rule by people who enslaved the women might no be so bad. This is crazy.

    Given the heated rhetoric in the U.S. regarding Muslims and the fact that it’s more difficult now to visit some Muslim countries because of violence and political tensions, I was curious to see what Islamic rule might actually look like, even a version that existed hundreds of years ago. From roughly 711 to 1492, the Moors, or North African Muslims, controlled parts — sometimes large parts — of Spain. The mosques and fortresses that remain are some of the country’s most beautiful and sought-out attractions.
    End Excerpt.

    The American Marxist are truly dangerous. Spain may be the first country to see the religious turmoil about to engulf Europe.

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