Don’t Make Me Hold My Breath!

Seriously, is that what these snowflakes are preparing for?  Tactics for two year olds?  “I’m gonna hold my breath until you let me have my way!”  I find these cretins hilarious, and simply cannot see why anyone gives them any credence at all.  Temper tantrums are to be dealt with by punishment, or sometimes ignoring them if it’s breath-holding.  Such fussiness will sort itself out.  Sooner or later the babies have to take a breath.  Let them fuss.  Then give them a good swat to remind them you are not going to put up with their uncivilized nonsense.

holding breath


2 comments on “Don’t Make Me Hold My Breath!

  1. Notwende says:

    Everytime one thinks it can’t get any more stupid – it’s getting even more so.
    Murphy’s Law in action.

  2. Ron Walker says:

    Now that is just beyond belief. Maybe the global warming they cry about, will come and melt all these cute snowflakes. We can only hope.

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