I Have Different Idea

snow removal 1snow-removal Snowflakes Be Gone!


So the U of A is scripting responses to ‘microaggressions?’  We really need for these little children to grow up and start acting like adults.  You know; not taking offense at everything that they don’t understand or agree with.  The university says the offended party should say ‘ouch’ and the offender should say ‘oops.’  This means that the ‘offender’ is in the wrong and the imagined ‘rights’ of the offended trump everyone else’s rights, thoughts, background, experiences and you-name-it. 

I have a different idea.  How about I say ‘Up yours, you stupid snowflake.  Grow up!’  Because as far as I’m concerned said snowflakes are being aggressive against me, attempting to make me the bad guy when I’m just exercising my First Amendment (or other) rights.  Sorry, punk, you don’t get to control the world.  You probably don’t even know what gender you are.  Face it, you are just plain ignorant, which actually is a good thing, as ignorance is being unaware of facts, information, and reality in general. 

Ignorance CAN be cured with an application of information and logic.  Learning cures ignorance.  The flip side is that these little cupcakes just might be stupid, which is a lack of intellect and ability to learn facts and to put two and two together and come up with four.  Stupidity is a willful refusal to acknowledge facts, to use logic to put facts together, and to grow intellectually.  Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is often terminal. 

Perhaps it is due to my advancing age, but I just don’t feel like putting up with childish crap anymore.  You BLM jerks say you want to kill cops and white people?  Bring it on, I’m locked and loaded for you.  Federal feral  judge says they are going to take away my guns?  Molon Labe!  Not allowed to have a vegetable garden?  Can’t capture rainwater?  Man am sick of these Marxist morons.  Nanny state? We don’t need no stinking nanny state!

OK, end of rant.  Sure felt good, though.


2 comments on “I Have Different Idea

  1. Notwende says:

    These people are conditioned like that since they entered school. Maybe even before that – depending on mommy, mommy and daddy, daddy, daddy and daddy (“double daddy means double fun!”), mommy and mommy or the public servant responsible for that kid.
    Being thoroughly conditioned like that the conditioning tends to protect itself by any means necessary.
    The other day I had a small discussion with a snowflake:
    “Just take a look at Scandinavia! Mass immigration caused a literal explosion of crime.”
    “Maybe so. But you forget that this also is due to the extreme poverty of these refugees and their insecurity of their asylum status.”
    “What about Norway? Literally ALL rapes that were committed within the last couple of years have been committed by these rapefugees!”
    “What? Where did you get this information from?”
    “This comes directly from the norwegian government. Their statistics tell us so.”
    “I don’t believe that.”
    That was the end of the discussion.
    The conditioning protected itself against reality.
    The longer such a person remains in denial the smaller the chance of any recovery.
    I happened to witness an awakening to facts. The snowflake started to cry and one could barely console her.
    Two weeks after she was in denial again as if nothing ever happened.
    I believe that it was easier to drop back into ignorance than to become an outcast by her peer group.

    • Sort of like: “Don’t confuse me with the facts, my mind is made up.” You are right, they have been taught to be like this. Our Marxist indoctrination gulags (public schools) have produced exactly what the Marxists need to overthrow our republic. I find that all too often I cannot have a debate or even an intelligent discussion with some folks since they have been conditioned to be incapable of logical thought.
      Thanks for the input. Stay safe.

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