Need Art?

I am all for the de-funding of the National Endowment for the Arts.  Too much trash, not enough art.  Art is just another victim of political correctness which says that everything goes and we all get participation trophies but nobody wins first prize.  Well, I just happen to be an old school capitalist.  Good rewards for work well done.  Not the current idea of corporate greed capitalism.  I like the Chinese idea of executing company executives that let their greed get out of hand.  Makes sense to me.  Rewards and punishments doled out as deserved. 

Anyway, I ran across a link to an artist’s site and thought I should share.  If you want some real art with which to adorn the walls of your domicile, please check out Jon McNaughton:  Love his work.  Religious, political, patriotic, and just plain old art.

Reminiscent of the masters of the 1800’s



One comment on “Need Art?

  1. Notwende says:

    The real art I love:
    The Pre-Raphaelites!

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