Boycott Kroger?

Ooohhh, I feel a rant coming on.  What sort of society do these morons want to live in?  How about you try living in a country where there are no police to enforce laws of civility?  You want a world WROL?  You want anarchy?  Fine, if someone stalks you, you have no one to turn to.  If someone steals your possessions, nobody cares.  If someone assaults, rapes, or murders you, big deal.  Who you gonna call?  Ghost busters?  Better start carrying a cast iron skillet and have the skillet-fu to use it because no one is coming to your rescue.  If I have the necessary skills to protect you, what’s in it for me?  I certainly don’t want a piece of your skanky butt.  If you give me all your money, will it be enough?  This time?  How about next time?  Some people are so stupid it is amazing that they can breathe and walk around all on their own.  This cop hater can go straight to hell, and unless Kroger immediately fires her, they can go straight to corporation hell.  Of course, Kroger will deny any responsibility, but perhaps they should vet their prospective employees to make sure they have a brain.  Or at least some brain cells.  And to make sure they are not outright haters that cannot contain their snowflaky-ness.  DEATH TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! 

rip rule of law


4 comments on “Boycott Kroger?

  1. Smitty says:

    When a society turns its back on law enforcement and soldiers we are entering a true Marxist breaking point. The Marxist must make people reject the sheepdogs so they can establish control with their brownshirts. I feel the Rubicon was crossed when Killery lost the election and the mobs of anarchist and Marxist were given free reign in certain cities.

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