“He Was Such A Good Boy…

juvenile delinquents

He used to mow my lawn.”  So go the lyrics on Frank Zappa’s ‘Joe’s Garage.’  Well, this ‘good boy’ and 3 of his buddies broke into a house wearing masks and carrying weapons. ‘Good boys’ grandpa says it wasn’t a fair fight because the homeowner’s son used his AR15 to cap the little bastards.  The girlfriend “get-away driver, and robbery mastermind” was charged with 3 counts of murder, as well she should be.  Doesn’t the Bible say that bad company corrupts good character?  Well, this story is living (and dying) proof of that truth.  The perps had a knife and brass knuckles, and I don’t think they intended to give the resident a free shave or tenderize some steak for his lunch.  These are weapons, not toys, and the knife is a deadly weapon.  Considering that it would be easy to crack someone’s skull with the brass knuckles, they are a deadly weapon, too.  The kid had every right to blow away these punks.  Good job, son, sorry you will have to live with that the rest of your life, but they forced your hand.


These whiny family members can go to hell.  No sympathy here


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