Review Of Rory Miller’s Book


With the title of “Training For Sudden Violence, 72 Practical Drills” I really didn’t know what to expect.  This turned out to be a fantastic guide to reacting to sudden violence perpetrated against you.  Miller has a strong background in martial arts and corrections, so he is not just stating unsubstantiated opinions.  He’s been there and lived it.  Working in detention you sort of expect to be attacked by an inmate once in a while, and they would rather blindside you than try to face off. 

Miller starts with martial arts and LE training (like PPCT) and explains why these methods have a big hole in them in real life situations.  As I read the book, Miller’s observations and training drills made a lot of sense.  I could clearly see his points about where my black belt training lacked certain aspects.  He covers the basic predator psychology on choosing and attacking victims, then explains how to respond, both before and during the attack.  Of course, a lot of this goes back to situational awareness, but we can never stress that skill too much. 

I highly recommend this book for anyone that deals with inmates in detention facilities, or even plain old bad guys on the street.  It is a survival manual that helps not just with survival but coming out on the winning side.  I wish I had read Miller’s book “Facing Violence” first, but I guess it will still be a good read when I can get a copy.

rory millerRory Miller

3 comments on “Review Of Rory Miller’s Book

  1. Brittius says:

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  2. Smitty says:

    Being aware of your surroundings is the first order of business for me. If I know it’s coming I can defend against it.

    I recall a trip my wife and I took to the northeast and were walking along the boardwalk in New Jersey during the drug and crime days of the 80’s. We walked into the bad end of the boardwalk and were being cased by two thugs for about 4 blocks. I had surreptitiously observed them and when we began entering the run down section they crossed the street to get behind us. I did not have a pistol on me at the time but I did carry a massive buck knife. I withdrew the knife from my back pocket and opened it making sure they saw the blade. They immediately recrossed the street and disappeared into a side street. My wife and I turned and headed back into the safer area.

    • Yep, I’d rather run them off than have to fight them, particularly when precious cargo is with me. One of the reasons I like .45ACP and similar calibers is that big hole the bad guys see and fixate on. And if I do have to use it I feel comfortable that it will get the job done. That said, I carry a Glock 19 as my off-duty gun and am confident that shot placement will take care of any serious business I encounter.
      I had a friend some years ago that was fond of a chrome-plated ASP because when deployed in low light it looked like a sword to the goblins and they backed off fast. Psych always beats fight. And of course as you mentioned first, situational awareness the foundation of all defense. Thanks for the comments, Smitty. Stay safe.

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