Got Cash?

dollar in wallet

Do whatever it takes to build up some reserve money.  In several forms.  It’s like prepping:  Most of us can’t do it all at once, but put back a little each payday, even if it’s only 5 bucks (even $2 is something).  Just do it!  Find ways to cut corners.  Don’t get a latte, don’t order dessert if you eat out, use coupons, simple stuff like that.  Work to build up a buffer in your bank account, and have some cash under the mattress.  A little silver coinage couldn’t hurt.  But remember, when the economy tanks, electronic funds (you realize your bank account isn’t real money, right?) will just disappear.  It won’t take long for cash to become worthless; probably a matter of days (it is fiat currency, anyway).  Gold or silver in small amounts (how will you make change for that 1oz. coin?) might be good for a while, but the whole monetary shootin’ match will go up in flames within a few weeks.  Then, tangible assets will be worth something (food, ammo, guns) but remember, you have to be able to hang on to those things and people, not just bad guys but desperate ‘nice’ people will be glad to kill you for what you have.  Or for what they think you have.  Remember your OPSEC when preparing.


4 comments on “Got Cash?

  1. tonytran2015 says:

    They always want us to be only a number in their ledger book.

    We people will be able to trade without cash. History has proven it.

  2. Steve says:

    A couple of years ago my wife and I took a “Financial Peace University” course. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it’s Dave Ramsey and he is a capitalist BUT the simple down to earth stuff I internalized from that series has changed my life. I am now out of debt (‘cept for the mortgage) and I’m socking money away for whatever life may swing my way.
    So if there are folks out there that are not sure about “the prepping lifestyle” (said in a movie announcer voice) then present to them a benign baby step to get them started.

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