Just A Quick Question…

I looked up some info on the MOAB to read about what sort of damage one could expect from the explosion.  Besides the distant blast effects of turning internal organs into jelly, the oxygen-deprivation, and the expected collapse of cave and tunnel structures, one of the first effects listed was the vaporization of human targets.  Hmmm…  This leads me to ask why we should trust a death count which would obviously have to be done by surviving enemy forces, if they couldn’t even find a single identifiable trace of uncle Abdul?  First ‘report’ said 36 bodies and now it’s up to near 100.  The estimated number of ISIS fighters in the area was 300 (if we can even trust that intel).  Anyway, inquiring minds want to know.


Isn’t that beautiful?

And another effect of a MOAB detonation is a mushroom cloud.  Betcha that puts the fear of God (not alley-oops) into those ignorant goat-humpers.


2 comments on “Just A Quick Question…

  1. Steve says:

    I wonder what the yield was….you know how many goathumpers per pound of TNT?
    Was it a fruitful expedition? Did we get rid of a large quantity of them? Or was the overall effect just “holy s**t abdul, I’m not gonna mess with the “muricans again”!!!!


    • Well, as I indicted in the post, what intel do we trust? If there were 300 in the vicinity of the detonation, I’d say they are all being beaten by 72 Virginians in Ollyland right now. Even if the effect was just shock and awe, it was fruitful.

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