The Tolerant Left Is Marching

training to kill you

Be aware and be ready.  They are taking a page from their mentor’s playbook:  The Muslims have promised violence for over a thousand years and many have gone to sleep, believing it will never happen.  They are too civilized to do such a thing, right?  Don’t let them surprise you.

return fire


6 comments on “The Tolerant Left Is Marching

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  2. Smitty says:

    The first kinetic kill will occur soon and that will open the flood gates. Marxist truly believe that they will win if they can create chaos in the streets.

    The Marxist manifesto is explicit in its desire for a violent overthrow of the political system.

    Violence is in the offing and if the populace freezes and allows it to escalate the Marxist dream of revolution will arrive. Their manifesto is explicit in its desire for a violent revolution and the useful idiots will make it happen soon. They are far more dangerous than the patriot community gives them credit for being. I see many comments on blogs stating how they are soft and will be an easy kill. I do not buy into that theory. The ANTIFA thugs and their many acolytes will join forces and become a very dangerous foe. They unlike the patriot movement have access to massive amounts of money and contacts world wide who will supply them with many military grade weapons. Ex-Calif. State Sen. Leland Yee, a leftist gun control champion was arrested for running guns.

    Why would a gun control nut want military grade automatic weapons on the street.

    There are many politicians like Leland Yee who will flood the streets with weapons when the time is right. They will be a dangerous foe.

    • Yeah, Smitty, anyone who promises violence is dangerous. That’s why we train, keep our OPSEC up, and watch the little sh!ts like hawks. They can be dangerous, but we can be more dangerous, as long as we keep our wits about us.

      • Smitty says:

        I agree as long as we deliver violence with extreme prejudice when the time comes we can win. My greatest fear is that political correctness has softened much of society to the point of inaction.

        OPSEC is vital and have friends who are willing to go to battle when the time comes.

      • For now we hold our cards close to the vest. A lot like being an LEO. Not looking for trouble, but ready to visit hell on anyone when necessary. Like Gen. Mattis said.

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