Got Optics?


There are plenty of ways to protect electronics from electromagnetic pulses, whether from EMP or CME, or just to have power during a grid-down event.  Putting your laptop in a small galvanized trash can (insulated from the can itself) and burying it in the ground or at least grounding it is great protection.  But what about your data storage?    Electronic data can be damaged or become corrupted over time.

Spain: Muslims Storm Seville Good Friday Parade Screaming ‘Allahu-Akhbar’. 17 Hospitalised.


pennine:   I haven’t heard anything concerning this unrest in Spain  here in UK.  Although it might have been reported on television (which i don’t own/watch anymore) or may have been mentioned on a radio station i’ve not been tuned into. Nor is it known by me whether the rioters are jihaddies.   But one thing i feel is safe to say, is that:  had this been a harmless traditional  Islamic festival carried out by peaceful law-abiding Muslim citizens  trashed by the kuffar of any country in the world, and especially so if the mad-dog rioters had been screaming “Jesus Christ is Great.” or Jewish people with “Praise be to Hashem.”  I’d be in no doubt that it had been broadcasted led by the BBC.It would have been headlines !!!

Courtesy of The Muslim Issue & Gerard Couzens and Rita  Sobot For Mailonline, Et-Al.

Spain: Muslims Storm Seville…

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ALERT: If You See This ‘Ordinary’ Hook In Public Bathrooms, DON’T Touch It And Call Cops Immediately

The bad guys are always at work.

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H/T Freedom Daily.

Please look closely at these hooks they could be spying on your wife,daughter,sister,girlfriend or mother.

If there weren’t enough issues going on in bathrooms across America thanks to liberals relentless fight to let men use women’s bathrooms, now we have a whole new set of problems to worry about. There’s a sick new tool that creeps and pedophiles are putting into place to get a sneak peek at people’s “goods” during their most private moments, and this sick tactic is being employed by installing an object you probably wouldn’t even notice under normal circumstances.

Authorities are warning of a high-tech device that looks like a simple coat/purse hook that’s being placed in bathrooms and changing rooms across the country by creeps. While it looks like a regular coat hook, upon closer inspection, there’s something far more sinister going on. These “spy” hooks look innocent enough, but inside of them there’s a small miniature camera…

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